Spring Fling XXX 2016 -Date coming mid November

30th Anniversary event!

Look for special features, displays, events.

The Spring Fling Mopar event is the largest Mopar car show and swap west of the Mississippi with a car show, swap meet and midway on Saturday and Sunday. over 700 cars, 300 swappers, 50 manufacturer and over 9000 spectators. Spring Fling activities start on Thursday ranging from Willow Springs track day, driving cruises and cruise-in. Spring Fling Mopar car show is attended by Mopar fans from all over the world and has gained international media coverage.

Spring Fling Saturday night cruise this year is at Bob’s Big Boy in Northridge again.

An easy 7.6 mile cruise from Woodley Park, Bob’s Big Boy features ample parking and a sit down restaurant with a full menu. Bob’s Big Bob has long been an icon of the cruising culture. This Bob’s is full every Friday night with a range of hot rods, muscle cars and last Friday even saw a 48 Fiat altered with Small Block and zoomie headers, wheelie bars, slicks, dragster steering wheel and a license plate. This Bob’s is also only about ¼ mile from the old shops of Dick Landy and Don the Snake Prudomme. The area is well known for hot rods and racing.

After the Show closes at 4:00 on Saturday, Bob’s will host the Saturday night event from 5:30 to 10:00. There is a Target, Kohl’s, Wells Fargo and other restaurants in that shopping center also.

You can call with any unanswered questions to (818) 759-1779.

Please note:
LA County Parks requires that every car entering into the show area MUST fill out and sign a liabilty release form. We provide these at the gate which requires filling them out before entering. It will be easier and faster if you print out the show flyer below, which has the same form, and bring it filled out the day of the show. And who wants to be doing paperwork on show day, right !!

Spring Fling Schedule Spring Fling 2015 flyer Hotel Information Cruise to Bob’s Map

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TTI Layson's Restoration
Stephen's Performance
Midway Vendors




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